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Majida Preparatori per l'unghie


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Cuticle Remover 8.5 ml

Code: cuticle_remover
Price €5.00
Cosmetic solution specifically designed for dry manicure. Apply before treatment on cuticle area and leave for a few seconds. With the help of a cuticle pusher proceed gently with the removal. It is recommended to rinse your hands at the end of...

Nail Prep 10 ml

Code: nailprep
Price €6.40
Dehydrator and disinfectant for the natural nail. Apply directly to the nail plate before applying  Primer Acid Free and subsequent products such as bases, gels, acrigel, etc. Dermatologically tested. 

Primer Acid free 10 ml

Code: acidfree
Price €6.40
Non Disponibile
Acid-free adhesion mediator to be applied between natural nail and base, gel, acrygel, etc. It guarantees better adherence between the natural nail and the structure that will cover it. Dermatologically tested.

Antifungal 10 ml

Code: antifungal
Price €6.50
Antifungal solution to be applied after Nail Prep or alone. Ideal for fingernails and toenails like preventive method and in cases subject to onycholysis.  It is not a medicinal product.  Dermatologically tested.